What is KidPhit

KidPHIT is Physical Health and Interactive Training for children on the Autism spectrum.

KidPHIT students are led through a definitive workout and circuit training class in a group environment. Each student is graded on their performance physically, emotionally, attitude and compliance, and amount of verbal and physical prompting. Each student has individual challenges, and will perform differently on any given day or task, and that is to be expected. However, what we’re experiencing is an overall increase in ability to overcome situational challenges in addition to physical fitness improvements.

KidPHIT was founded and is hosted by Stuart Bryant at Stuart’s Fight Club in Parkesburg, PA. All expense for the program is covered by donations, KidPHIT is offered at no-cost to the kids and their families.

KidPHIT Inc. has been granted 501 C3 status as a charitable organization recognized by state and Federal government, donations are gratefully accepted, via our donation portal and/or send check to us directly through our contact page. We sincerely thank you for helping us help these awesome kids and their families!!!

What We Do

Improving Fitness

Building Social Skills

Having Fun

Raising Awareness

Who We Are

Mr. Stuart

The KidPHIT program was created by Stuart Bryant who serves as Chief Instructor, and he is currently the Executive Director of KidPHIT Inc. a 501 C3 non-profit organization, dedicated to providing training to children who are on the Autism spectrum at no cost to the students and the  families.






Autism and its effect on human beings of any age is an immense challenge.
The KidPHIT program is creating new opportunities for understanding and providing us a piece of the puzzle; it’s proving to be a very effective way to help those on this spectrum and their families.

We are closer than you think!

Contact Us

610 888 8212

5003 W. Lincoln Highway Parkesburg, PA 19365

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March 31 2015

KIDPHIT 5K SAT MAY 16 @ 3:00 !!!

We’re confirmed for our first annual KidPHIT 5K !!! SAT MAY 16 3:00pm- 4:00pm AfterParty @ Barnaby’s on High St. Register: www.runCCRS.com